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Few Miles On
Few Miles On is a self-described "Southern Blues Groove" band made up of veteran musicians with different backgrounds from Detroit, Chicago and Nashville with one thing in common: they are all from blue collar, working class families. Drawing from that shared life experience they found a recipe to blend it into a musical style like no other band. Two words: Power Trio. Their original compositions employ a wide range of rhythmic grooves and styles, soulful vocals, and memorable guitar lines and on occasion the added texture of a Hammond organ. Listening to a Few Miles On album takes you right back to the early 70’s; a golden era of creative freedom when many of their musical influences dominated the radio airwaves. On stage they understand how to connect with their audience and bring them along as the band moves through a set filled with rocking shuffles, emotional ballads, funky grooves and hypnotic delta blues numbers. At their live performances fans often say it is hard to believe that a three-piece band could create such a big sound. Catch one of their sets and discover Few Miles On for yourself!

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