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Welcome to the online home of Few Miles On, purveyors of the Southern Blues Groove. We are glad you decided to check out our website. Feel free to look around. Check dates for our upcoming shows, download or stream our music, watch our videos, check out our photos and bio to learn more about the band, order Few Miles On merchandise and sign up for our mailing list for updates on the band.


New album available! 

Our latest album, simply titled Few Miles On, is now available at the following: 

iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, CD Baby, Napster, emusic, Microsoft Groove, and YouTube Music. It is also available physically or digitally here on our website: Few Miles On Store .

There are more outlets that we are waiting on. We will share those as soon as they become available. If you have any of the streaming services, we would like to encourage you to stream our music. The more plays we get, the better for us. It not only is a form of revenue for us, but also increases our exposure. Same for YouTube Music as well.  Thank you all so much for a great 2016! We are looking forward to 2017 with great anticipation for wonderful things!


 A little update: we have been super busy with the Wednesday night blues jam and we are currently in pre-production for our next CD. The tentative release date is mid-October. With that in mind, we have a limited show schedule due to the time restraints of recording. Our show schedule will pick back up in the second half of the year. Thanks for hanging with us....you are all so supportive and we cannot put into words how grateful we are.

Cookeville Blues Jam 

Something very exciting is about to happen and we want to get the word out early. Many of you in this area have told us that you love the Blues and wish there were more opportunities to attend live Blues performances. We heard you and agree 100%, so, beginning September 30 we will be hosting a weekly Open Blues Jam at Half Time Sports Bar at the Clarion Inn on Jefferson Ave in Cookeville.

For more info go to:

Cookeville Blues Jam

Cookeville Blues Jam Facebook Page

We look forward to seeing you there!

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